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New seedlings doing their thing

Hello all, wishing you a lovely Sunday.

I've been busy each weekend planting seeds and have a small army of seedlings coming up - brachyscome blue daisies that I'm waiting for in anticipation have now been potted out, white cosmos and lupins left over from last year and lobellia simply because I love blue!

What is coming up in your garden? Any favourites?

I've given over a small space in our veggie patch for cut flowers. Sounds quite a traditional thing to do but I am getting real pleasure in hoping and watching to see if anything will arrive. Yellow cosmos and Agrostemma Snow Queen were sown yesterday, but the sweet peas are already starting to do their thing.

As I walk around our garden, there is something rather satisfying in knowing that I have tendered and nurtured plants which are now establishing themselves from tiny seedlings. I'm trying to stick to certain colours - blues, whites, yellows and lime greens as these are my favourites, and I'm thinking about height, texture and the time of year they will flower too.

Hope your garden or window box gives you as much pleasure as mine.

Charlotte x

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