Twilly's are on their way!

After much deliberation, editing, pondering and more editing, the new selection of twilly scarves have been submitted for production. Four new designs all inspired by natural patterns are on their way. This is the first time I have experimented with combining two images into one and I'm hoping the results will give a little piece of joy. All of the images have been taken either in my garden or from around the village before the lockdown.

Being closer to home has made me look even more closely at my surroundings and the ideas just keep flowing. I'll continue to take as many photographs as I can to find the best images for future collections. Often I take 30-40 images to find the one and I am an absolute fan of shallow depth of field, which brings an object into sharp focus with soft blurred colours in the background.

I've planted many tulips and daffodils which are bringing joy and colour, and the garden has a number of blossoms currently that have made me think about a white collection. So many options! Plus I'm thinking about a water collection too. Perhaps its time to dig that pond...

Hope all are keeping well and safe. Here we go into the next three weeks. Counting my blessings and the natural world is a wonderful haven that I am very thankful for.

Charlotte x

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