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A red scarf

With darker evenings and mornings, the colour red brings great comfort and warmth at this time of year. With its associations for Christmas from red berries, to robins and mulled wine, it has graced our Christmas tree and front door Christmas Wreath, not to mention our very latest deco scarf.

This scarf was a complicated one to design, as whilst I captured a piece of deco glass, the challenge was how it would be translated onto crepe de chine but I was determined to have a go!

Ruby reds, blacks and whites have made it a bold option, and I wear mine with a black coat to make the colours really sing. With the beautiful softness and subtle shine of crepe de chine, it feels super soft and amazingly warm also.

I think for those who might be looking to wear something special to New Years parties or special events in the coming months, this would be a real investment piece, and something that you won't find anywhere on the high street. All my scarves are made in the UK, and I only source packaging that has been produced in the UK.

Happy browsing!

Charlotte x

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