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A scarf for all seasons and colours. Introducing the Limelight hydrangea green silk scarf.

The Limelight hydrangea scarf is made from 100% single georgette silk, with a pin hem and features the intricate individual petals of hydrangea flowers, designed to catch the light.

It's a pastel green silk scarf that really works well in the spring and summer months, and is also perfect for adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe during the cooler months too.

Here are a few colour ideas for you to consider on how to wear your pale green scarf.

Choose neutral, complementary or contrasting colours

For neutral skin tones, I'd suggest pairing this gorgeous scarf with white or cream items as they work well together. If you suit cooler neutrals, perhaps look to wear white garments. I can imagine this scarf would look beautiful worn with a white trouser suit, or in winter, a white wool coat would be extremely elegant for that classic 'winter white' look. If you have warmer undertones, choose creams or ecru tones to really enhance the warmth of your features.

Colours to complement! Have a look in your wardrobe to see if you have garments in similar tones to the hydrangea scarf. Perhaps a lemon yellow blazer, or shirt? Or a jumper in olive green and brown boots.

Alternatively if you love to go for bold contrast, why not team it up with more vibrant colours like rich burgundy or hot pink? This would give your outfit an instant lift! Pink and green sit pretty much opposite each other on the colour wheel. If you place them next to each other, they simply sing.

Not sure whether your skin tone is cool, neutral or warm?

Head over to my quick and easy guide for some hints.

The Limelight hydrangea scarf is ready for you to enjoy.

Discover more about the limelight hydrangea scarf.

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