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Bright colours for summer

I've been looking at the latest trends for spring and summer this year, and in addition to the leading colours of ultimate gray and illuminating yellow, a bright colour palette described by Pantone as 'power surge' will give us some optimistic, positive colour choices too.

Of course, it depends on your skin tone (warm, neutral or cool), but with a series of pinks, greens and a glorious blue called 'nobility', these rich colours are an indication that brighter days are coming, and could uplift your look. This doesn't mean that you need to splash out on a whole new wardrobe, necessarily. There might be a bold garment which could make a re-appearance. And for those who may not want to dress from top to toe in 'boudoir red','red maple', or 'lime zest', an accent of colour could be perfect. I'm thinking about the zoom calls we all seem to be on these days, too, a nice bright splash of colour could easily change your look, and inspire positivity too!

My new collection is slowly making progress. I've been taking my time, trialling a few new ideas for pattern, and I'm obsessed with surface! Water droplets, ribbon on glass, beads, glass jars - everything has been catching my eye this week. With brighter days upon us too it helps with my photography as colours do sing far more in the sunlight.

Watch this space for new designs...

Charlotte x

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