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Can you wear green and purple together?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

As contrasting colours, purple and green bring out the best in each other, sitting opposite each other on the colour wheel. However one of the easiest ways to look at colour, is to look at nature. Think lavender fields or grapes on the vine. And when it comes down to fashion really, it's down to trial and error (my fashion mantra is to try everything once).

If you feel that strong purple and green might be too much, consider pastels. Lilac and pale sage green can be a wonderful, gentle combination. Or if bold is your thing, how about ultra violet and moss green. Simply zingy!

Either way, rest assured you'll look stylish. Keep scrolling to see inspiration from nature which I've combined with my classic fabric, 100% single georgette silk. With its transparent nature, strong colours can become hints when flowing in the breeze.

Charlotte x

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