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Finding the perfect gift for her

Looking for something unique this year? Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right gift for those hard to buy for friends or family, and give them something meaningful that they will love. Here are a few tips!

  1. What do they like, or ideally, love? You might already have an idea, but you could ask them too to check you are thinking along the right lines.

  2. What do they definitely not like? Novelty gifts? A particular colour? If you notice they never wear a particular colour, maybe its best to avoid.

  3. What is their style? Bright colours, pastels, floral, luxury, unique or comfort? We usually have a favourite style we head towards. What might theirs be? Think about what they have commented on over time that might give you an idea. If you are particularly close to them, you may know this already. If you have visited their home you might have picked up ideas on their style: patterns, prints, colours.

  4. Do you have a special memory that your friend or loved one might like to be reminded of? This can be a lovely way to find a gift. Perhaps a special event, a holiday memory, a shared experience.

  5. What is your budget? You don't have to blow the budget to find the perfect gift. Its the meaning that counts.

I hope these thoughts are useful and wish you well in your search!

Charlotte x

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