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How to pick a scarf colour

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Scarves are a fun, easy way to style up your existing wardrobe in moments. Here's how to choose the right colour scarf and tips for wearing them.

What colours suit my skin, hair and eye colour?

Here is an ideal way to check. What colour jewellery do you normally go for? Gold? You will suit warmer tones, and there are so many to choose from! Burgundy, tomato red, coral, terracotta, cinnamon and rich gold - just a few which spring to mind. Silver? A cool palette will work best for you. Think cool blues, cool silvers, clear pinks and greens. Do you wear both? Then you can opt for either warm or cool colours. Of course there are neutrals too, and again these will work best if you lean towards cooler or warmer versions of these, like brilliant white for cool tones and creams for warm.

This simple approach to identifying your best colours isn't just a good way to choose a scarf; it's a great guide to help you look objectively at your wardrobe. It can help you identify why there are certain items you always head for, whilst other garments might sit there, because the colour isn't quite right. Time to give to charity, give to a friend or sell? It can be super satisfying to do this and then you can really see and use what you know works for you.

How do you match a scarf with outfits?

With patterned scarves particularly, you have a lot of choice. Not comfortable with too much colour? Select neutral jackets, dresses and trousers and simply use the scarf to enhance your natural skin hair and eye colour and do the work for you.

Love colour? Look at the tones in the scarf and see what similar colours you have in your wardrobe to match the scarf with. This can be a great way to pull an outfit together, and might make you look at your wardrobe in a different way - and help you get more out of it. The key is to keep it simple. Select one or two tones from the scarf to match another part of your outfit. This is a brilliant way to look really elegant and stylish.

Alternatively you can choose one tone from the scarf and simply opt for darker versions of that tone in your dress, jacket or trousers, to create layers and simplicity too.

Or head for contrast. A golden scarf would look even more glorious against a navy outfit. A green scarf would look wonderful with red or pink. Blue simply sings when put with orange or a limey green.

Finally, if the scarf is your best colour, have it close to your face to flatter your skin, hair and eye tones even more.Tie it kerchief style or in a pussycat bow and make your eyes sing!

Just a few ideas to help you find your best colour scarf and make it work hard for your wardrobe. Most importantly is that the colours work for you and your personality. It's very much a personal choice.

Charlotte x

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