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Leading colours for spring/summer 21

I've been researching one of my favourite topics, pantone colours, and the leading colours for this year. I was intrigued to learn there are two: 'ultimate grey' and 'illuminating', which is unusual. Basically these beautiful colours compliment each other, with 'ultimate grey' representing resilience, whilst 'illuminating' (a vibrant yellow) gives a hopeful, positive outlook. Look out for these colours appearing in new fashion ranges in the months ahead.

The grey and yellow combination has been around for a while, but perhaps we need it more in 2021 with its positive and fresh outlook, and I'd like to wish everyone who visits my website, subscribes or purchases my silk scarves a very positive and hopeful 2021. There are still many beautiful things for me to photograph, which I will be posting, and sharing here in the months ahead.

For now, here is a collection of greys and yellows to give you a positive lift as we make our way though January towards Spring.

Charlotte x

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