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New summer style!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Here in the UK, it does finally feel after all the wind and rain that summer has decided to make an appearance. The birds are singing their hearts out today in celebration in my cottage garden!

If you're thinking of freshening up your wardrobe, or even maybe attending a summer wedding, (sorry - that's probably not what my southern hemisphere visitors want to hear!) I'm delighted to share my new collection with you. Inspired by the flowers in my garden I've become fascinated with anything in close-up. Flowers give such a wonderful opportunity to create a unique scarf design. I take my time to create the perfect image, balancing the colours and pattern so that however it is worn you will see a flash of colour or pattern, whether draped, tied, or wrapped around the shoulders.

Choose from golden yellows, petrol blues, or deep purple hues. The range is designed to suit all skin, hair, and eye tones, and is made in the UK using 100% single georgette silk. If you're lucky to be attending a wedding, or have a wonderful special event planned, a truly unique design might elevate your style even further (and keep chilly shoulders warm on summer evenings).

I hope you enjoy browsing!

Charlotte x

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