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Quick and easy weekend styling.

From daytime to evening, adding a scarf to your look is such a simple way to add some extra style, literally in minutes. Easy to fold away in a handbag, scarves have outplayed their role as typical fashion accessory and have transcended to the position of essential items in every modern woman’s wardrobe arsenal. Relaxing with friends? Going out and about? Wear it long, kerchief style or simply dress up your handbag and you can up the ante in no time. Every modern woman always steps out in style with a beautiful scarf.

Plus, its one of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe without emptying your wallet. A scarf worn with a shirt can give you many completely different outfits that will be perfect for the weekend, or any other occasion. For this reason, the scarf is a fashion-forward and a great accent piece - without huge investment. Colourful printed silk scarves go one step further. Not only do silk scarves upgrade your outfit, they give you comfort and beautiful movement too.

Whatever your plans for this weekend, consider a scarf as your essential companion.

Charlotte x

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