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Quiet elegance of Autumn

In the UK, as we move into Autumn, I feel the light changes and becomes more gentle, but there are still beautiful patterns and colours in nature more than worthy of being captured by my camera.

As flowers fade we're left with seed heads. More muted, I feel this gives them a gentle beauty all of their own. They are a challenge to photograph when its breezy and they quiver, but I still find them beautiful in their own right, and worth the perseverance. Perhaps quiet elegance is a good way to describe them.

I've also been walking through the fields, and discovered a small patch of field which had been sown with some amazing blue flowers, possibly in the thistle family. Perhaps this was to encourage bees and other pollen loving insects to visit, because it certainly worked; they were happily buzzing all over them. As I looked closer, I noticed the beauty of these flowers as they uncurl.

I also have an amazing agapanthus plant in my cottage garden. The flower heads gave up their petals many months ago, but their architectural shape and seed heads remain just as beautiful so I have left them as they are, and keep photographing them to try and get that perfect shot.

Here is a small sample of recent photographs celebrating quiet elegance, simply for you to enjoy.

Charlotte x

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