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Reflecting on the year - I'd love to know what you think

As we head towards the end of the year, faster than I can believe, I've been reflecting on the collections I have designed, and the wonderful feedback I've received along the way.

I cherish every purchase and want to bring joy to every wearer, particularly with the year we have been experiencing. Looking to lift spirits further in 2021 hopefully and beyond, if you have a few moments to take a super short survey I would really value your opinion, including what content you might like to see in my blog. This year I've focused on style tips, shared glimpses from behind the scenes on how each collection comes to life, together with hints on how to wear colour. If you have ideas for new topics, please do let me know.

As a thank you for taking part, I will email you with a special discount. This can be used at any time, off any purchases in the whole collection*.

Click on the link below to take part, and thank you for sharing your views!

Charlotte x

*Special survey discount will be available for one order per client.

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