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Scarves for wedding guests

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

In the UK we are emerging from lockdown, slowly and steadily, and even throughout lockdown people have been able to get married, albeit with a small number of guests.

If you're planning a wedding or attending one this summer, consider a silk scarf to go with your outfit. The very first scarf I sold was to a lady who was getting married, which I felt was quite an honour. Since then I've made bespoke silk scarves for ladies looking for something unique and even created one-off scarf from a professional photograph of a bride's bouquet, commissioned by her husband as a special anniversary gift.

Silk gives you elegance, grace, and just a touch of a beautiful splash of colour. So if you're on the hunt for something that will elevate your outfit, which feels special and different, consider one of my unique designs.

All my scarves are made in the UK. Whilst I'm contacted regularly by scarf manufacturers overseas looking for my business, I want to support local businesses in the UK. It's for this reason too that all my packaging comes from a UK packaging supplier. I've also just sent my first batch of samples which I no longer need to a charity that create sustainable home furnishings and donates all their profits to the charity Step by Step for homeless children.

Plus a great word of advice I picked up recently. If you're not sure what colours or tones go together, look at flowers as your inspiration. Even if you're not into wearing floral designs, they rarely combine tones that clash. Everything is beautifully designed to work together. If it works on a flower, it will work as a colour combination. I wandered around my garden this afternoon and have to say I agree.

Below are a few scarves from the collection to inspire you.

Charlotte x

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