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Sharing unique stories

Similar to the way in which I share my stories about where the inspiration came from for each design, this year I've been privileged to hear from clients who have shared with me the unique reason behind their purchase. Milestone birthdays, thank you gifts to celebrate special friendships, those who love colour and pattern, combined with a wonderful enthusiasm for the 'unique' and the 'different'. Similar to my ethos which is to design original scarves, each story has been unique and delightful in its own right and I'm thankful for everyone who has shared their stories.

I've been reviewing all the images I have captured in 2020, selecting only four with what I call 'scarf potential', and I'm now making the finishing touches to this special collection. Like all the scarves I produce, these will be strictly limited in number.

I'm looking forward to more glimpses into where these may end up around the world, what the next stories will be, and hope those who wear them, will cherish them for years to come.

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Charlotte x

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