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Waiting for the sun to rise

Early morning is my favourite time of the day. If I'm not sifting through images with a nice cup of coffee thinking about scarves, designs and patterns I'm waiting for the sun to rise so that I can get my wellies on and get out and about taking pictures. In the village this week we've had heavy rain, and our brook is overflowing with water. I'm hoping I might be able to take some pictures of the sunrise and reflections. We shall see if the light is kind to me.

Walking with the camera is a joy. It does mean that rambling takes quite a bit longer as I stop and look, but the beauty is that it really does make me look at the detail of what is around me. As a result I have a very random collection of images in my archive of rusty gates, pebbles, tiny pieces of ice, leaves, flowers, sky, pavements... so many to choose from!

Here is a picture from a walk last year. It was frosty and still and the sheep were just doing their usual thing, but the light was amazing, golden and clear... I'm hoping this morning's jaunt might bring some more surprises with the sunrise.

Charlotte x

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