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What is crepe de chine? - a wonderful choice for silk scarves

With Christmas parties, black tie do's and evenings out with friends and family, how do you add some extra glamour? A luxury silk wrap could be the answer, and might also be ideal as a unique christmas gift for a loved one. With evening dresses in particular, sometimes all that is needed is a light layer to cover shoulders. Our new collection in Crepe de chine is designed to to do just that.

If we look back at the history of the fabric in the Middle Ages, clothing from this finest material was the privilege of the Chinese imperial family. By the way, the name is translated from French as "crepe of China". But the incredible popularity comes to the fabric in the 1960s. Hollywood stars chose crepe de chine fabric for red carpet outfits.

The main properties of silk crepe de chine fabric are:

Wrinkle resistance. This is the main distinctive property of crepe de chine, which distinguishes it from imitations.

Breathability. Scarves made of natural materials are especially good for a warm season.

Light weight. You hardly feel you are wearing such a delightful fabric.

Durability. The strength of the fabric is explained with highly twisted fibres of 100% silk. Crepe de chine fabric does not burn out in the sun, does not lose its original appearance for years.

Festive appearance. Silk crepe de chine drapes well and has a muted luster. It can be called one of the most feminine and romantic fabrics, and its subtle shine gives it an exquisite appearance without being too excessive.

Browse the new collection for more ideas. Enjoy!

Charlotte x

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