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Why buy a luxury silk scarf?

A luxury silk scarf is probably one of the most useful investments and additions to your wardrobe. Choose well and it might just be one of those 'forever' accessories that you come back to again and again.

Firstly its the feel of the fabric. I still get excited when I receive new samples or the finished article. There is something really special about unwrapping a scarf and feeling the movement and weight as the scarf unfolds. A bit of a wow factor I think. That's why I make scarves - so others can enjoy that moment - and continue to enjoy wearing the scarf for many years to come!

Secondly, silk in all its different types, is an amazing and fascinating fabric. Considering just how light it can be, it is wonderfully warm. For those who don't like bulky scarves, a silk scarf can add an extra insulation layer - I'm thinking cool evenings or frosty mornings.

Lets not forget comfort - perhaps this goes back to childhood, but to be wrapped in something can also be a simple way of taking care of yourself. For days when we feel out of sorts, choosing to wear a silk scarf might just give you the lift you need.

And finally, lifting an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. I often wear dark and plain colours. Add a scarf to my outfit and suddenly I'm wearing something much more unique and adding style, colour and texture in a simple, effective way. Its so effortless and elegant.

So if you're considering investing for you or a loved one, I hope these thoughts give you some inspiration as to why a luxury silk scarf can give joy, elegance and comfort for years to come.

Charlotte x

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