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Winter inspiration

Winter walks can provide as much inspiration as when everything is in full flower and growth, especially when the light is clear as it was a day or so ago.

Whilst out walking, I've been taking this time to think about some new designs and continue the search for new patterns. With the recent flooding, there has been a lot of water about, catching the light, and the bare trees bring their own beauty too. It will take quite some time before I have a new collection, but I hope that it will bring delight when it's finally ready for the big reveal. Not sure if these images will make the cut, but it has been lovely to enjoy the quiet and beauty in my village.

In the meantime, thank you to all who have liked, shared, purchased, and spread the word about my silk scarf collection. I have had some kind and thoughtful feedback over the year and hope I can create some more joy in 2021.

Charlotte x

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