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5 reasons to wear wool and cashmere

This year as we move towards winter, here are a few reasons why a wool and cashmere mix is a great choice for a scarf, whether you're off for a casual lunch with friends, off for country walks, or heading back to the office.

Warm and soft

For an accessory that gives you comfort and warmth, our wool and cashmere scarves are ideal. With a touch of cashmere you benefit from added softness.

Not too bulky, but you still get the warmth

They are large enough to be worn pashmina-style or looped for complete cosiness to stop the chills. Our scarves are light in weight, but still offer you warmth and comfort in the cooler months.

An elevated wardrobe essential

With the drape of the fabric echoed by the natural patterns in nature, whether soft clouds or petals in close up, each design is unique and gives you something extra special to wear.


Cashmere is one of the finest natural fibres in the world. The luxury of wearing a wool and cashmere scarf makes you feel special every time you wear it.

Instant colour, with comfort

If you're looking to complete an outfit, enhance your natural colour, or simply looking for cosy cheer on grey days, choose a wool and cashmere scarf for colour and comfort.

When in doubt, wear a wool and cashmere scarf and be cozy all day long.

Charlotte x

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