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Floral blur

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

I'm excited to see that one of the leading print and pattern combinations this season is based on florals, but with a twist. Romantic, dreamy floral prints will be something we will start to see. This has made me think of Valentine's day, which is nearly upon us.

Perfect roses and the idea of Valentine's day might be a cliche to some, particularly with the pandemic. So maybe it's time to celebrate all flowers. Daffodils signal new beginnings, daisies innocence. Lilacs mean the first emotions of love, periwinkles tender recollection, and my favourite, tulips, mean perfect love. Different tulip colours have meanings too - red as you would expect is true love, cream means your love is eternal, and not surprisingly, purple is connected with royalty.

In my next collection I'm considering exploring the floral blur theme a bit more. Below are a few images I took this week of a vase of tulips which, whilst they were coming to the end of their display, created some magical shapes. Plus a new addition, a lime green and pink orchid. These are just a few of many photographs I have taken. Enjoy!

Charlotte x

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