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Pattern - where the fun starts

Its everywhere! Light reflecting on surfaces, stripes in a petal, the grain on a piece of twisted wood.. just a few examples which often catch my eye. I stop when something grabs my attention like some tiny dewdrops, and then the fun begins. I'll take many many pictures (thank goodness for digital photography) trying to find the right angle, strength of colour until I have something I think I can work with, usually going in closer and closer.

Composition can be quite a challenge when you're thinking about what might have scarf potential. Will it work on silk? Will it have a movement that works with the fabric? Whats the balance when you drape the final scarf around your shoulders? What's the overall impression from the back if you wear it as a silk wrap? Does it have enough texture? These are the questions that I ask myself as I take the photo, until I finally find the one.

Ultimately I'm thinking about my clients - would they like the final scarf design?

If you would like to see more of my images, have a look at my about page as I continue to search for new designs and inspiration.

Charlotte x

Charlotte Broady Echinops

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