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Timeless silk scarves for sustainable fashion

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

When I decided to design unique silk scarves, I made a conscious decision to manufacture my designs in the UK, and I'm privileged to work with some wonderful UK-based textile companies. They work with me through the sampling process, which is a huge amount of fun to see each image come to life on fabric.

Over the last few years a few samples have been sitting in my cupboard, and in order that nothing goes to waste, when I discovered Oath Home, I realised I had found an ideal company who can make great use of these snippets of fabric that otherwise might not be used. I've sent all my unused samples and prototypes to Oath Home at no cost, so that these can be turned into something else that others may enjoy.

Equally, for the scarf designs that do make it into production, all are designed as beautiful, carefully crafted original pieces for the wearer to enjoy for years and years.

Charlotte x

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