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A new collection for Spring and beyond

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

It's been a while since I've had some new designs to share, but the moment is nearly here. I'm looking forward to sharing these new printed silk scarves which might help lift our spirits as we move into Spring.

With some of the new designs, I've explored what's known as bokeh (Japanese for 'blur'), where light spots blur and create fascinating shapes, perfect for scarf designs. With others, I've looked at light and darker tones of the same colour, using unique glimpses of petals and the lovely curved shapes that they make. I've loved every minute, but whilst the creative process is exciting, there is nothing better than seeing the designs come to life when worn. The new collection celebrates lavender, gold hues, rich reds and soft blues, inspired by my garden, intriguing glimpses of jewellery and visits to warmer climes.

Our photoshoot was a delight. Blessed thankfully by clear skies, we explored different looks and outfits, to give you a little inspiration on how to wear a silk scarf. Casual, funky and fabulous country looks all show the versatility of the single georgette scarves. Our lovely model Amy and photographer Fiona helped to bring it all to life. I love our photoshoots, as we start with a few silk scarf outfit ideas and then simply play, to find the best colour combinations that really show the silk scarves at their best.

So here are a few behind the scenes shots to share the fun we had. If you're researching where to buy a silk scarf, and want to be amongst the first to see the new designs, why not sign up to my newsletter?

Charlotte x

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