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A new collection of scarves inspired by garden flowers

My forthcoming collection is partly inspired by flowers from my garden, soon to be ready for you to enjoy. Flowers are a subject I return to again and again - there is such variety and colour. This time I'm turning my attention to tulips and echinops.

Echinops, or globe thistles, are fascinating blooms, essentially made up of many tiny star-shaped, steel-blue and purple flowers. The bees in my garden absolutely love them, and they are generous in how long they flower. With the repetition of pattern, and its shape, the echinops is a perfect subject for a new square silk scarf.

I'm also looking forward to sharing some new tulip designs with you. These are inspired by bright parrot tulips and a gorgeous tulip called Danceline.

If you're interested in reserving one of these, please email me at

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