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Blue tones for silk scarves

Midnight, sky, teal or indigo. Apparently blue is the worlds favourite colour!

Whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, brown, green or blue eyes or something in between, there is a blue shade to suit everyone.

Warm eye and skin tones look wonderful in blue, as blue sits on the opposite side of the colour wheel. When warm and cool colours come together they sing and resonate off each other making the opposite richer. Brown becomes browner, blue becomes bluer.

Pale eye and skin tones work well with aqua and sky blue colours, and if you have green, blue or grey eyes blue can really make your eyes look like they are stronger tone.

So wearing a silk scarf around your face, whether tied, draped or wrapped, can really enhance your own natural colour. If blue is your thing, or a loved one loves the colour too, browse my little video below for inspiration!

Charlotte x

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