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Styling tips to help you look your best

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Despite the lockdown and the challenges that this brings, a simple way to keep calm and carry on is to look after yourself, whether it's getting a decent night's sleep, eating healthily or simply aiming to look your best. This doesn't mean shelling out on a whole new wardrobe. It's more about thinking about what you already have and giving yourself permission to look after you.

When I think about my working week, I think about what I am going to wear so that I feel in control and confident. This also gives me a routine which helps me start my day in the right mode, when days currently can merge easily one into another. What can I wear that will help me feel good? It also means that I look at everything in my wardrobe, within reason! (Perhaps evening dresses might take it a bit too far?) It might sound frivolous in these odd times, but I personally find it helps. If I look my best, I am ready for the day, whatever happens. So, with this in mind, here are a few ideas.

1. Seek out stylish inspiration.

From Pinterest to Instagram, there are so many stylish ladies out there! It doesn't have to be a celebrity though - it could be your sister, mother or your best friend. Use their photos or looks as inspiration to plan your own outfits. I often do my research on Pinterest, and what I find interesting is that it's truly global. I'm finding style ideas and brands I wouldn't normally come across in the UK. It's a huge wall of inspiration!

2. Plan your outfits.

Honestly this is fun! Give yourself some time to think about what you are doing in the week and put a few outfits together. Not only will it give you time back in the mornings, but it might also mean that you look at different combinations and put together old or new things in a diffrent way. I've recently rediscovered an old pair of needle cord trousers by giving myself some time to look at my wardrobe, teaming these with a relaxed jumper and scarf.

3. Arrange your wardrobe by colour - or another system, perhaps casual and smart.

You can then see much more easily what you have, which saves time and makes it easy to find things. Plus, it looks rather nice too and gives your clothes the treatment they deserve.

4. Accessorize.

Such a simple way to spruce up outfits in moments. A nice pair of earrings, a scarf, or digging out the handbag you might have had for years. All easy ways to add colour and style without going over the top.

5. Mix and match.

What goes with what? Checking you have interchangeable combinations which will last you a lifetime. A great pair of jeans or smart trousers, a blazer that works with everything, a little black dress, classic jewellery.

6. And finally - a conversation piece.

Do you have that special something that people often comment on? This might be a nice thing to search for if you don't already have one - and this in itself can give you a boost when you need to really show up stylish. A lovely dress, a necklace, a splash of colour.

Plus, also, no need to panic! We're all busy. These are ideas and food for thought. I hope you find them useful.

Charlotte x

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