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Can you wear a silk scarf in winter?

Yes you can! Ultimately, when choosing a scarf, you want one that feels good, keeps you warm and doesn’t cramp your style.

While many people think they are purely a warm-weather extra only to be worn on a spring day in Paris (ah, the dream), the beauty of a silk scarf is that it can be added to a cold-weather outfit too - and without disappearing into your layers if you know how to play it right.

Surprisingly, whilst silk is a light fabric, it can give you the warmth you need whilst also adding style to your outfit. Why? Silk is a natural fiber, and as such it’s excellent at keeping a warm layer of air next to your skin (and thanks to its breathability, it won’t end up making you feel hot and clammy in the way that synthetics sometimes can).

With its great temperature regulating qualities, it will keep you at an even keel even as you transition from the warmth of indoors to the cold of outdoors.

If you’re looking for a fabric that will help you maintain a comfortable temperature, that’s lightweight enough to adapt to layering for extra warmth, and feels as soft as butter against the skin, silk won’t let you down.

It might not have quite the same insulating effects as fleece or cashmere, but have no doubt about it – a silk scarf isn’t just for show. Better still, it’s lightweight enough for you wrap it around yourself multiple times without feeling encased – and as everyone knows, there’s nothing like layers to beat the chill.

Below are a few examples, adding colour and warmth to a simple jumper and jeans or a dark winter coat.

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Charlotte x

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