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How to wear red

With festivities marching towards us, and red being one of the colours of the season, here are a few tips to help you make the most out any red garments or accessories in your wardrobe. This seasons reds are chilli pepper, essentially an uplifting warm red, and biking red, which I would call a berry red, with undertones of burgundy. Both reflect the warmth we need at this time of year (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere!).

So, first things first, what type of red works with your skintone? Are you warm, neutral or cool? Whilst there are many ways to decide this, an easy way is to look at your jewellery. Do you wear mainly gold? Warmer reds will work for you. Is silver your preference? Head towards the pinker cool reds. Or do both work for you? Great! You can head in either direction.

Whilst it might be seen as rather a bold colour, it really depends on how you wear it. Head to toe is one way, and can be fabulous, with tones complimenting each other. If this is a step too far, why not consider red in print. A colourful blouse can be a great way to introduce it, without going overboard. Or alternatively accessorise; a bright accent handbag, a red belt, scarf or necklace can lift an outfit and make it feel a little festive too. I've been searching for a red belt recently exactly for this reason. Perhaps I should make my own! Adding a bright lip is another way - a dash of colour, simple and chic.

A great combination is red with navy. This is a classic, and is why I designed the Fire cracker scarf with inky midnight blues. Team this up with a navy jacket or jumper for a simple way to add a festive feel. Enjoy the movement of the silk too.

So why not look at your wardrobe, have some fun experimenting, and create your own unique look as we head into Christmas and the New Year.

Charlotte x

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