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Exclusive new silk scarf designs...

Continuing the theme of exclusivity and designing new pieces as we head into autumn/winter, has kept me very busy in the last few months, and this week these brand new silk scarves finally arrived.

I feel such excitement when I take delivery of the latest collection of silk scarves, to see how they translate on to silk. It reminds me of my printmaking days, when placing a printing plate or stone into the press, whether an etching, lithograph or monoprint, and hoping the image would appear on paper in the same way I imagined it would it during its creation. It used to be the same with photography, but we are blessed these days with instant results, however it still takes many weeks or months to choose and edit the right image and make it work. It's the next stage in the journey, to unfold the single georgette silk, and see the result, before it gets released into the wider world and hopefully gives joy to the wearer for years to come. Single georgette is the fabric I return to again and again, because it gives such luxurious comfort and drape, and a touch of translucency that simply adds something more to each design. Plus there is wonderful movement too.

Also this week I was fortunate to take delivery of a brand new camera lens, for macro photography. This is very exciting too, as it means more potential detail and pattern in close-up, with amazing clarity. I'll be exploring this new lens and getting to grips with what it can do, all with an eye on scarf ideas. Below are three images of blue boy dahlias in my garden, experimenting with this new lens.

So watch this space! If you have a favourite flower, pattern or colour, do drop me a line, I would love to know what you might like to see translated on to a scarf. There is a lot of inspiration out there!

Charlotte x

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