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How to choose a silk scarf for a gift

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Silk scarves come in many many different shapes, designs and sizes, as do people! So if you're thinking about a silk scarf as a gift but unsure what is best, have a think about the person you're shopping for, or look out for when they use a scarf to adorn their outfit.

There is no right or wrong - its about preference, so I always ask 'how does the person usually wear their scarves?' Do they like to wear them as a silk wrap or stole, long and hanging loose, or do they like to go for that neck-tied dash of colour flourish? This guides my clients to finding the right size.

Also have a think about how tall the person is in connection to the size of scarf you are buying.

Plus of course there is the pattern and colour combination. Do they tend to have a preference towards cool colours like blues and greens, warm hues, pastel or neutral shades? And do they like to be bold and go for a bright contrast or the matchy-matchy approach? Again of course there is no right or wrong. Its purely personal preference.

If they like to wear the colours of the season, this again could be something to give a thought to. If they have just bought a berry red jacket for example (this seasons colour is 'biking red') what might work with this?

As you might expect I do have a lot of scarf talks with friends and family, and where it gets super personal is the design. Florals are heaven for some, whilst others have a passion for unusual textures, so think about whether the person you're buying for has a strong preference for a particular pattern. All are equally elegant, its just about their choice.

Finally, there is nothing like a smart gift box to wrap it all up! If you're taking the time to choose something special, I think it's also a lovely thing to have the silk scarf presented in a beautiful way. That's why our scarves are always presented in a simple white presentation box with satin ribbon, just to round it all off.

Hope this is useful. If you would like more tips and ideas, why not sign up to my newsletter for more inspiration.

Charlotte x

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