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How to choose the right scarf as a gift

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

There are many choices when it comes to getting a scarf for someone. Here are a few tips to help you find the right scarf gift for her this Christmas.

What colours do they like?

Finding a scarf in their favourite colour is a smart choice, or one which is multicoloured but which includes their favourite colour in it. Then you'll know its something they are likely to wear, and it will have a good chance of working with outfits already in their wardrobe.

Perhaps they have a favourite jacket or coat in a colour which could guide you.

Do they have a warm, neutral or cool skin, hair and eye tone?

This is a really helpful guide. Generally if they can wear either silver or gold jewellery they'll have a neutral skin, hair and eye colour, so can wear a range of colours. If they tend to wear gold jewellery then they'll have a warmer skin, hair and eye tone, so think about warmer tones like rich browns, caramels, golds, corals and oranges. If silver is their favourite then, you guessed it, they'll have a cool skin tone! Blues, aqua tones and clear colours will work well for them.

What type of fabric/weight of scarves do they already own?

Do they opt for lightweight scarves or something a little more chunky? Do they like silk or fine fabrics, or would they like a heavier fabric? What might surprise you is actually how warm silk can be. As its a natural fabric it has amazing properties to keep your loved one warm on chillier days.

What size scarf do they typically go for?

Some people love the classic square shape, others love large scarves they can wrap around and still have a good portion over to tuck or knot. Or they might love a skinny scarf - great for adding a dash of colour. See if you can identify what they typically go for.

I hope these tips will help you. Scarves are an easy gift if you know what they like. If you're unsure, please drop me a line at and I'd be delighted to give you a few more pointers.

Plus, to make it super easy, all the scarves I create are presented in a special scarf gift box, simply ready for you to place under the tree for your loved one to enjoy.

Charlotte x

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