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How to wear a large silk scarf

A large colourful oblong scarf gives you many options for your wardrobe, and a stylish, modern way to wear it is kerchief style. This gives you a splash of colour where the rest of your outfit is made up of plain colours. You can use it to link the colours you have chosen for your outfit together, to give you a modern and coordinated look. Whether you're going for that weekend casual outfit of shirt, jumper and jeans, or slightly smarter with a jacket or or coat, for versatility you might like to consider kerchief style.

Take the opposite corners of the scarf behind your neck with the rest of the scarf in front of you, cross them over, and pull the ends down. You'll end up with a lovely loop against your neck which you can have tight or nicely loose and draped, and with two ends in front too. All of these elements you can arrange to suit. This gives you colour against your face too, so can enhance or brighten your face, whilst also adding warmth, style and pattern.

This is how I often wear my scarves, with a blazer, whether for work or weekend casual.

Charlotte x

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