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Introducing fire cracker... new silk scarf

A brand new design for autumn/winter! I couldn't wait any longer to share this new design! Fire cracker is inspired by sparks in the night sky from one evening as we lit a bonfire and I was - as usual - captivated by these new patterns. The glowing sparks were glorious against the midnight blue sky and gone in seconds. I took many, many images and thankfully found 'the one'. I love that these sparks are long gone, but the image is now saved forever and ready for you to enjoy.

The pattern is not too heavy, just enough to lift a jacket without it wearing you, and it moves from rich reds to the lovely midnight blue tones so you see that interesting flash of mandarin red. Its worn here by wonderful model Kirsty simply with a navy winter coat and navy handbag.

This is part of the new sparkle collection of four silk scarves, all 100% single georgette silk, designed to life our spirits (and outfits) as we move towards the winter months.

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Charlotte x

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