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Why sparkle?

When I was deciding on my latest range of scarves, I realised that with the year that we have had, which has tested the resilience of most of us, that it was time to bring some light and beauty into what we wear, and so the sparkle collection began.

I also looked at the seasons leading colours. Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by pantone colours, and love that each year leading colours are defined and help give designers, whether creating fashion, interiors or lifestyle products an exciting colour palette to work from. Of course, this doesn't mean that we all have to wear these exact colours as a uniform, as it depends very much on our own individual skin, hair and eye colour, and what we are drawn towards. Bright colours, pastels, florals, abstract prints or plain colour blocks.

With this combination of colour, pattern inspiration and of course silk fabric, I worked on these designs over the summer months. It's always a little strange to be thinking about autumn and winter ranges when its warm and sunny outside, but equally, it's so exciting to see the designs come to life and importantly, to receive the wonderful feedback from those who buy them as special treats or for loved ones. This drives me on to design more!

I hope you enjoy the new designs - inspired by an amazing twinkling tree, beautiful light reflecting on glass, a cobweb with dew drops, and sparks in the night sky from a bonfire.

Charlotte x

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